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Undoubtedly, Microsoft Windows have paved their way for computing world. There are some end user characteristics that will surely going to make a huge positive difference on your desktop.
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For Windows users, they make the most rousing upgrade

  • Ease of use
    Users familiar with earlier versions of Windows will probably also find the more modern ones easy to work with. This is ascribable to everything from the standardised look and feel of almost all programs written for Windows to the way the file system has been presented ever since the days of MS-DOS (disk A:\, disk C:\, etc.). This is one of the main reasons why Windows users are often reluctant to switch operating systems.
  • It is faster to do things on windows
    When the GUI is installed, it is really great. For instance, setting up a VPN, is extremely quick to do & it works right away. Ms Windows modules are aware of the other modules, so they install missing modules for you and/or modify other modules for you. When you remove them, they don’t hurt the system.
  • Backup
    It is easy to setup a backup strategy in Windows & it is easy to restore a backup too. You don’t need to be powershell specialist when you turn on the GUI. On the other hand, if you want incremental backup on Linux, good luck with the command line. But wait, why do we spend so much time with one command line?
      • Windows Updates
        We are so much used to it so we think it is normal but microsoft updates are a great thing. The system is able to update itself without endangering the system. I’ve never had any problems with any microsoft updates on any windows servers. On the other hand, with linux, i always sweat after updates. In Linux, there is less continuity than with Microsoft programs. For instance, when i updated MySql from 5.5 to 5.6 on my Centos, it didn’t restart because my configuration file wasn’t good anymore. This would never have had happened on a Windows Server. After migrating to Apache 2.4 on my Centos, i lost my configuration file. This would never have had happened with IIs.
  • Backwards compatibility
    If you’re currently using an older version of Windows and need something more up to date, but you don’t want to loose the use of some older programs that are only available for Windows and are critical to your business needs, the chances are good (although not a certainty) that those programs will also work with a newer version of Windows.
  • Support for new hardware
    Virtually all hardware manufacturers will offer support for a recent version of Windows when they go to market with a new product. Again, Microsoft’s dominance of the software market makes Windows impossible for hardware manufacturers to ignore. So, if you run off to a store today any buy some random new piece of computer hardware, you’ll find that it will probably work with the latest version of Windows.
  • Available software
    There is a huge selection of software available for Windows. This is both due to and the reason for Microsoft’s dominance of the world market for PC computer operating systems and office software. If you’re looking for an application to suit your business needs, chances are that if it exists there will be a Windows version of it available somewhere.