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Virtual Reality Solutions

7x24 provides the user with the opportunity to evaluate dynamic changes in functions, parameters and options for a given project in real time, and immediately observe their impact without the need to perform the time-consuming calculations and re-editing of the material. This constitutes a significant advantage of virtual reality solutions over traditional ones, such as the static visualisations or pre-rendered video footage.
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The Immersive Power of Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality Solutions are based on the most advanced real-time 3D engines, such as Unity, Cesium and Unreal Engine. With the use of these virtual reality tools we are able to innovatively present spatial data for a wide range of applications and fields, such as infrastructure, architecture, traffic, logistics, land use, environment and many more.

Another distinctive feature of virtual reality solutions is the total freedom to experience a virtual model of the world without any of the limitations or presumptions imposed by previous solutions. It needs to be emphasized that with virtual reality solutions it is the users who decide where, when and how they will modify the solution parameters, as well as what and when they choose to do and observe something, much as one does with a computer game.

Virtual reality development enables our clients to publish their projects on most available platforms and operating systems, including online presentations, both plugin-based and WebGL, standalone applications, Windows / Mac OS / Android, mobile platforms, VR goggles and cave installations. It allows them to present their vision and solutions to their clients or to the public in an effective, efficient and user-friendly manner.


  • Innovative and enjoyable
  • Offers virtual tours
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Saves time and money
  • Infrastructure and Data visualization
  • Allows to see all angles of a Product