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Scala Development

Scala (Scalable Language) is a software programming language that mixes object-oriented methods with functional programming capabilities that support a more concise style of programming than other general-purpose languages like Java, reducing the amount of code developers have to write.

Scala also incorporates some imperative, statement-oriented programming capabilities. In addition, it supports static typing, in which computations are formed as statements that change program state at compile time, an approach that can provide improved run-time efficiency.

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Discover new dynamics in business

Nowadays customers expect rich and highly responsive applications in a world where data volumes continuously grow and the service landscape becomes more and more distributed. This poses additional challenges to software applications with respect to scalability and ability to deal with failure to ensure business continuity.

We offer Scala solutions development for small, medium, and large sized businesses. If your systems are built on legacy frameworks using primitive programming languages that have been disowned by companies lately, then it is time to migrate.

We can help you move your legacy systems to newer and efficient technologies. Our expertise in Scala will help to develop custom software that will instantly put you in the big league.

Our expertise includes

  • Web Applications
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Cloud applications
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile applications
  • Play development


  • Object-oriented
    Scala touts itself to be a pure object-oriented language; so Classes, Types, Objects, Sub-Classing, Inheritance and other such traits are all its prominent features.
  • Functional
    Scala is just as functional as it is object oriented. The “hard-to-live-without” features of nested functions, high order functions are all supported by Scala.
    • Statically Typed and Is Extensible
      Scala is easy to extend, and understands the fact that development of specific applications need specific language extensions. Scala provides these extensions in the form of libraries.
  • Scala Interoperability with Java and .NET
    This is a useful feature that enables programing and interoperability with various other popular software and codes.