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Oracle Solaris

Oracle Solaris is the world's most advanced enterprise operating system. It delivers security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps.
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    • OpenStack distribution
      Brings enterprise quality to OpenStack
      Delivers a complete OpenStack distribution for both SPARC and x86
      Best OpenStack platform for enterprise DBaaS
      Easy install, seamless upgrade
    • Designed-in, no-compromise virtualization for the cloud
      Provides the most efficient enterprise cloud virtualization with no performance loss and the highest consolidation ratios.
    • Data at cloud scale with Oracle Solaris ZFS
      Enables you to scale out design with unlimited capacity for future growth.
    • Network virtualization in the cloud
      Enables you to build your virtual network through software-defined networking (SDN) support that uses network fabric where possible, and tunnel when needed.
      • Engineered for cloud security at every level
        Enables you to achieve compliance 6X faster with security features designed to meet the strictest compliance obligations
      • Easy Cloud Deployment with image packaging system and new software lifecycle management tools
        Enables fast updates and deployments through redesigned OS and software installation and lifecycle management tools.
      • Engineered for Oracle workloads
        Take advantage of Oracle’s Software in Silicon technology to boost application performance and prevent data corruptions
        Best for Oracle Database and Java applications
        Hundreds enhancements across CPU, memory, file system, I/O, networking, and security deliver the best database, middleware, and application performance when Oracle workloads run on Oracle Solaris
  • Guaranteed compatibility
    Ensures application investment protection
    Enables you to run applications unchanged across Oracle Solaris releases
    Ensures that recompiled applications are guaranteed to work on both SPARC and x86 systems
  • Platform choice
    Enables you to scale up or scale out on SPARC and x86 systems to match your organization’s computing models