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Managed Services

Your 7x24 allows you to outsource day-to-day technology management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses in your organization. We can either become your IT department or partner with your existing IT professionals. This allows you to budget for your monthly IT costs so you can focus on your business.

We proactively manage your business technology instead of reactively fight fires. We stand by our services and offer a 100% guarantee!

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  • Security
    Our expert staff will access your current network and systems for any security flaws that could leave your business open to exploits. We understand how your network and computers can be used by attackers to do harm against you or others. We proactively work with security analysts to understand threats and prevent exploits. We can actively monitor and block threats.
  • Remote Support
    Your time is important to us! Your computer can be accessed remotely and securely so you are not waiting around for a resolution. Our expert staff will answer your IT support call within one hour and start immediately to resolve the issue. If an issue can not be resolved remotely, a technician will be schedule to arrive on-site.
  • Maintenance
    Maintaining hardware and software can be a challenge for any IT department. The frequency at which security vulnerabilities are found and patched requires a full-time IT staff to stay up to date. Planning to deploy software patches in the least disruptive way is important to keep your business running. We perform all routine maintenance during off-hours and test all systems at the completion of maintenance.
  • Monitoring
    7×24 monitors servers and networks for outages and suspicious activity. This helps keep your systems online and allows your business to function without interruption. Our systems alert us immediately to problems so we can take immediate action.