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Enterprise Content Management

Our ECM platform solutions allow the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. We deliver contextual information to business for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Enterprise Content Management (or ECM) is a system solution designed to manage an organization’s documents. Unstructured information—including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs and scanned images — are stored and made accessible to the right people at the right time.

From commercial supply chains to contract management, or HR processes to government administration, the driving force behind implementing an ECM solution is to do business better. By eliminating dependence on paper documents and organizing unstructured information according to business need, organizations are empowered to work more efficiently.


  • Capture documents digitally
    Managing an organization’s content begins with the capture and importing of information into a secure digital repository.
  • Store documents in a digital repository
    With robust ECM systems, organizations can easily store any business-critical document in a digital repository.
  • Retrieve documents, regardless of device or location
    Enterprise content management software helps eliminate time spent searching for information, enabling employees to answer information requests from clients, citizens and auditors immediately.
  • Automate document driven processes
    Automation helps organizations eliminate manual tasks—including photocopying, hand delivery and repetitive dragging and dropping—to achieve greater results with fewer resources.
  • Secure documents and reduce organizational risk
    With strengthening compliance restrictions in a wide range of industries, organizations are increasingly using ECM systems to optimize records management practices and protect against risk.