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Customer Communications Management

The need to deliver an exceptional customer experience today is a top priority for enterprises, however complex legacy IT systems and ever-changing regulations prevent many organizations from meeting the demands of their customers.
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What is CCM?

Customer communications management (CCM) solutions are designed to enable enterprises to create, manage and deliver customer communications across all channels, ensuring a consistent, personalized customer experience.

Customer Communications Management, or CCM technology, enables organizations to design, manage and deliver personalized communications such as letters, bills, statements, policies, contracts and customer correspondence that are crucial to the overall customer experience.

Originally print-centric technology, modern CCM solutions have evolved dramatically over time and now have the ability to deliver targeted customer communications through a wide range of media including mobile, email, SMS, Web pages, social media sites print and more.


  • Quickly create, approve and deliver responsive and interactive omnichannel communications for print, mobile, email and web from one easy-to-use platform
  • Amplify engagement and improve time-to-market
  • Reduce reliance upon IT
  • Eliminate the need for multiple siloed teams
  • Empower business users and gain visibility
  • Leverage your existing data and legacy documents to create personalized omnichannel communications
  • Integration with legacy core systems
  • Reduce compliance risk