Company Overview

7х24 Services is a fast-growing Eastern European company made up of vibrant, intelligent, and passionate people. We are involved in IT service delivery business for the last 5 years. The culture of projects’ coordination is the key of our continuous growth and success.

We deliver a comprehensive range of IT services with our dedicated development and support teams. The whole process is smartly arranged to maximize efficiency and consequently the performance of our teams is significantly better.

We inspire individuals and organizations to work more efficiently and competitively for the benefit of all concerned. It’s one of the toughest challenges we face, because there are no reliable templates, rules, processes and measures of success. Each act of innovation is a unique feat that can be neither predicted nor replicated.

We maintain a constant dialogue with our customers and workers to create more and better work opportunities. As a result, we create products that users will love.

Our Strategy

This is what we do, this is what we know and care about, this is what we are all about.



To be a leader in the IT industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Core Values

We treat our customers with respect and faith and provide high quality services for very suitable prices.

Scope of Work

We offer the wide range of qualified and professional technical support and deliver the development of innovative software products for enterprise customers all over the world.


Our staff are always responsive and dedicated. In case of need we have highly expertised partners and we
are able to solve any problem despite how stressful and challenging the situation is.


To be assured our customers' business continue to run smoothly and efficiently.