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Blockchain Solutions

We help financial services companies to realize the potential of blockchain capabilities in providing faster and more secure transactions, streamlining and automating back office operations, and also reducing costs.
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Evaluate the fresh form of digital technology implementation

Blockchain technology provides a secure ledger system which is distributed across various network participants. This provides a highly secure accountancy system which is hardened against unauthorised use.

Blockchain represents not only a dramatic shift in how financial services organizations will manage transactions in the future, but also how they structure their internal operations going forward. This is something that all financial services companies must be considering and accelerating. Bringing together our business transformation expertise, and extensive services with blockchain as a service platform, will enable companies to improve their scale, agility and gain valuable insights across the enterprise to make smarter and faster decisions to meet changing customer demands.

Our services include full lifecycle support – from strategic qualification and business case development to relevant use-case development, systems and operations integration, and on-going management of a company’s blockchain infrastructure. The lifecycle support combines management consulting and risk consulting expertise in financial processes and regulation as the backbone. 7×24 in-house development and cloud transformation expertise are also a part of the services offered to clients.


  • Lower transfer and interaction fees
    Blockchain platforms are preserved by users, without the need of other parties, which radically reduces lots of the fees associated with transactions.
  • A high degree of security and trust
    Blockchain technology takes away the necessity for third-parties and its decentralized nature would have major benefits in conditions of enhancing trust. Some other benefits associated with security include irreversibility, and automatic traceablility.
  • Integrating the digital and physical world
    Blockchain technology offers a way of representing nearly every asset, whether it be tangible or intangible. The ownership of those assets can be distinctively identified at any time with no chances of deception, making it very counterfeit resilient.
  • A high degree of openness, transparency and dependability
    The blockchain ledger is open and can be looked at by any person, so any system predicated on an open public blockchain platform is very translucent; any person can easily see all trade-flows. The shutting down of any computer will not lead to loss of information.