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The AIX® operating system (OS) is an open standards-based, UNIX® operating system that allows you to run the applications you want, on the hardware you want—IBM UNIX OS-based servers. AIX in combination with IBM's virtualization offerings, provides new levels of flexibility and performance to allow consolidation of workloads on fewer servers which can increase efficiency and conserve energy. AIX delivers high levels of security, integration, flexibility and reliability—essential for meeting the demands of today's information technology environments. AIX operates on the IBM systems based on Power Architecture® technology.
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AIX helps you to meet the demanding requirements for performance, energy efficiency, flexibility and availability in your IT environment.

  • Market momentum
    AIX has dramatically expanded its share of the UNIX market over the past several years  go with the leader!
  • Unmatched performance
    Industry-leading benchmarks underscore the highly scalable performance of AIX on IBM systems running Power Architecture technology-based processors.
  • Virtualization
    AIX provides software-based and exploits hardware-based virtualization capabilities. These capabilities can help you to consolidate workloads to increase server utilization and lower energy and other costs.
      • Security
        AIX includes a number of features designed to provide for a secure IT environment – and AIX can integrate into your existing security infrastructure.
        Broad application support: Independent software vendors recognize AIX as a premier UNIX operating system. With over 8000 applications from over 3000 ISVs, the applications you need are probably already available on AIX.
      • Binary compatibility
        AIX has a long history of maintaining binary compatibility from one release to the next – so that you can upgrade to the latest release with confidence.
        Legacy systems inspiration: AIX delivers the reliability, availability and security of a mainframe environment including industry-leading availability techniques.
  • Simple migration
    IBM’s customized service offerings make migration from competitive UNIX platforms to AIX quick and easy–consolidate all of your UNIX workload onto AIX.
  • Workload Optimization
    AIX supports a number of features that are designed to simplify your operations while optimizing your performance.